Current Projects

Knitting squares for children's blankets

We have learned that there is a desperate shortage of comfort blankets for children in local women's refuges. Find out how you can become involved...
Children who find themselves living in a temporary refuge often have few material things. We have been making cosy blankets for the children. As they move on to more permanent homes, their blankets go with them, so there is always a need for more. We make the blankets with knitted squares, using yarns left over from other projects - the only cost is in time.

If you wish to help, knit 6 inch squares in garter stitch. Here is one pattern we have been using:

Cast on 3 st.
R1: K1, Kfb, K1 (4 st)
R2: K1, Kfb, K2 (5 st)
R3: *K1, Kfb, K to end*
Repeat * to *, until sides measure 6 inches.
**K1, K2 tog, K to end**
Repeat ** to ** until 3 st left on needle and cast off.

The blankets we make are child size, either square or rectangular, e.g. 6 x 4, 5 x 5, 6 x 6, or 5 x 7 (squares). We sew them up using mattress stitch (instructions for this stitch are in the Patterns section).

If you live in the Tyne and Wear area, knitted squares can be dropped off, or it may be possible to arrange a pick-up. Contact us for further information about how to do this.

For those living further away, why not make your own blankets and take them to your local women's refuge?